Inaugural Conference on Democratic Security in Armenia

Inaugural Conference on Democratic Security in Armenia

December 19, 2023. 


The Regional Center for Democracy and Security (RCDS) hosted its first-ever Democratic Security in Armenia conference on December 14. The conference featured three dynamic panels, each exploring critical aspects of Armenia's democratic and security landscape.


Panel Topics

1. Disinformation: Unpacking the complexities of information warfare and its impact on Armenia's democratic development and security.

2. Military Reforms: Examining the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a more mobile, efficient, and accountable military structure.

3. Challenges to Democratization: A comprehensive exploration of current problems and obstacles hindering Armenia's democratic consolidation.


Critical Reflections

The speakers, representing diverse backgrounds, shared deep insights and expertise, contributing to the lively, candid, and notably self-reflective nature of the discussions. Participants engaged in frank conversations, addressing challenges with a level of critical introspection rarely seen in similar forums in Armenia. 


Fostering Open Conversations

The conference created an open space for nuanced conversations, encouraging a deeper understanding of the intricacies around Armenia's democratic development and its impact on security.


Looking Ahead

As the RCDS reflects on this event, the team is energized and motivated for the year ahead. The commitment to fostering critical conversations, promoting transparency, and contributing to high quality and evidence-based discourse in Armenia remains strong.


Stay Tuned

Stay tuned for more engaging events, insightful discussions, and collaborative initiatives as the RCDS continues its mission.